An Introvert's IM

I really don't like instant messaging. IM was designed by extroverts for extroverts. To an introvert, IM is like a collection of social anxiety rolled up in a nice little computer program. It just sits there, running in the background of your computer, mocking you about how few friends you have, rolling its eyes whenever you're about to initiate a chat with someone, or smiling bemusedly at your failed attempts at social interaction.

"Why don't you have more friends?" it asks you. "When was the last time you chatted with someone?"

If I wanted to run a program on my computer whose sole purpose is to ridicule my social inadequacy all the time, I could simply run some sort of banner across the top of my screen that just openly hurls abusive messages at me. Of course, the sinister thing about IM is that it gives you a window on the world of extroverts where people are eagerly chatting away and sending messages to each other. It provides a simple button that lets you add new contacts, offering you the slightest glimmer of hope that you might have a more sociable future, when, in fact, it actually just sits there unused, mocking your inability to meet new people.

Most people don't understand the insidious nature of IM, so I have created a special IM application, that openly exposes the hidden messages in IM's interface. Please try out a demo of an Introvert's IM, so that you too may learn about its oppressive behaviour.

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