Ming's Games

Here are some miscellaneous games I wrote.

Wonder Lost (2017)

I made this game for the Games on Demand game jam where kids sent in game ideas and jammers would try to make their games over a weekend.

TADS2 for HTML5 (2017)

I was looking at text adventure game engines, and TADS seemed like a good engine that was limited by the fact that it doesn't work in a web browser, so I decided to look into remedying that. It seemed like there were a bunch of people working on TADS3, so to avoid stepping on other people's toes, I ported TADS2 to HTML5 instead.

Street Simulator (2017)

I was able to get into the TOJam game jam at the last minute, so I thought I would try to make a simple city builder to try and figure out how the economic models in city builder games are supposed to work. Rob Lopatto, a floating artist at TOJam provided some art for the experiment (if it looks good, Rob made it. Any art that looks bad or iffy was made by me).

Tunnel Runner (2015)

My entry for the 2015 Indies vs Gamers game jam on GameJolt.

Sidekick, Looking for Superhero (2015)

My entry for the 2015 AdventureJam

Too Many Captains (2015)

A multi-player party-style game written for the Toronto Global Game Jam 2015, where s a game is made in under 48 hours.

Puzzle of Evidence (2012)

This is a game prototype for a murder mystery game that I've been thinking about. The idea is to make a game that lets players actually SOLVE criminal cases by modeling crimes as logic puzzles.

The Little Mermaid (2012)

A side-scrolling adventure game retelling of the Little Mermaid story made for TOJam 2012, the Toronto game jam where you try to make a game in three days.

Endless Road (2012)

Simple little HTML5 WebGL driving game.

Operation Extraction (2011)

This game was an experiment in building up a game around multiple intersecting narratives. Unfortunately, the experiment didn't really work.

[insert name] IF Editor (2010)

It was a real pain writing the code for Stolen Hearts, so I've written a little IF game editor to make it easier to write my next game. (Name of the IF editor to be decided later).

Stolen Hearts (2010)

This is my first attempt at trying to write some interactive fiction. It's a tech demo that I used to try out my ideas for mouse-only browser-baed IF. Basically, I was trying to figure out what casual IF (interactive fiction for casual gamers) might look like.

Princess Baker Palace (2010/2011)

Bake cupcakes and cookies by building and configuring industrial machinery.

Following Footsteps (2009)

A small JavaScript game that I entered into the Jay Is Games Casual Gameplay Design Competition 6. I came in 7th place!

Google Gadget--All-In (2006)

This is a small gadget game that focuses only on the exciting part of Texas Hold'Em--Going All-in!

Google Gadget--Ponies! (2006)

I decided to make a little pony gadget that you can stick on your Google search page. It came about because I was having a discussion with a friend who wanted to try striking it rich by making a complicated P2P system. I told him that successful companies don't need to be based on complicated technology. As a demonstration, I said that I could make a piece of software that didn't actually do anything, and it could grab a huge number of users really quickly. Hence, the pony. The pony was eventually featured on the Google Blog!

An Introvert's IM (2006)

My take on instant messaging.

JPartyLine (2005)

A little VoIP app in Java.

Car 15 (2005)

This is a variation of the sliding tile game (often known simply as a 15 Puzzle because of the 15 tiles hence the name of the game). I was actually thinking of calling the game Roadwork or Roadplay, but I didn't want to have to change the name in all of my code, so I just left it as is.

Blob Attack (2004)

A sort of lame hack & slash game

Frog Game (1999?)

A mildly better Frogger-like game that I wrote somewhat more recently

Tile Game (1997)

Silly game I wrote a long time ago

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