Blob Attack


In this overhead action game, you fend off blobs attacking a village. Will you find the source of the scourge? Will you be able to stop it?

Start Game

The game requires Java Webstart (it should come as part of Java). Sometimes, even if you have Java Webstart installed, simply clicking on the link won't work. In that case, right click this link, save the file somewhere, and then double-click on the file you just saved.

My Take

I think the game is sort of lame. I was reading up on VoIP stuff, and when I read about Ogg's Speex compression library, I realized it would be pretty simple to set up a game with VoIP support. So I thought I would go about writing some sort of networked game so that I could figure out how difficult it would be to add VoIP support to it.

Unfortunately, writing the game ended up being more time-consuming than I expected, so I decided that it wasn't worth spending the time to finish writing the game. I had already written a lot of code though, so I threw together whatever components I had to make this lame single player game.

source code

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