The Tile Game

One of the greatest computer games of all time is, of couse, the 15 piece sliding tile game. As everyone knows, the rules are simple. All you have to do is arrange the tiles is consecutive order with "1" in the upper-left corner. Nonetheless, the game is still challenging and addictive.

The sliding tile game has also had a long history on the computer. Being an easy game to program, the tile game is available for numerous platforms. The most famous computer sliding tile game translation is the version that came with all but the most recent editions of the MacOS. It was, in fact, named one of the greatest hacks of all time in Byte magazine's 20th anniversary issue. I've wasted many an hour sitting around playing that game; I'm not sure whether I should be relieved or angry that Apple replaced the tile game with some jigsaw puzzle game in the newest OS versions.

Here are some tile game translations that I've made myself:

Mac Think Pascal source code (requires UW's cs130 library)

Last updated on July 19, 1997 by Ming-Yee Iu

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