Ming in Waterloo

Here's some stuff I've accumulated while I was at student at the University of Waterloo. I guess my Waterloo experience can best be summarized like this: I spent the whole time trying to get out. In my free time, I also struggled to make Waterloo into a place where I might want to stay, but the fact that it was such a struggle was one of the reasons that I wanted to leave so bad.



Random Rants

I have several rants. I've included some of the safer ones here.

Canadian Undergraduate Technology Conference

When Jon Kwan asked me to help out with this idea for a technology conference for undergraduate students, I immediately jumped aboard. Little did I know how much work it would take. Still, it felt good helping to put together the first-ever Canadian Undergraduate Technology Conference in my role as Co-Chair for 1999-2000.

Student Programming Project

A defunct organization that I used to run. It was an attempt to do some extra-curricular CS stuff at Waterloo that failed miserably.

CS Curriculum Committee

I used to be a student representative on the CS Curriculum Committee for a while until they unceremoniously kicked me out (they dragged me out to an early morning meeting, told me that my position had been eliminated, and then asked me to help them write a report on the CS curriculums of other universities for next week--I was not impressed).



Here are some links to a faq I started writing for the Waterloo version of Nachos. I actually visited Berkeley once. Having spent hundreds of hours TAing Nachos courses for a year, I was planning on hunting down the inventors of Nachos and giving them the beating that they so richly deserve. Unfortunately, I forgot. Plus, I think they moved to a different university. I ended up going to Ikea instead.